With so much emphasis these days on looking and feeling younger, many people have
turned to advances in medicine to help them achieve this goal. We offer detailed profiles which can help you recognize chemical and hormonal imbalances that may accelerate the aging process. These tests may reveal undiagnosed hormone deficiencies, which can be corrected by supplemental therapy with the appropriate hormones, such as human growth hormone, thyroid hormone, testosterone, estrogen or insulin.

The Anti-Aging Bundle, Level 1 (men and women) includes basic tests of sexual function (testosterone and estradiol), thyroid function (T3, T4, and TSH), bone marrow function (complete blood count), and measurement of the body’s basic chemical and electrolyte composition (comprehensive metabolic panel). Additional tests in this panel assess prostate health (PSA – men only), determine the risk for developing heart disease (lipid profile), and convey a sense of how rapidly one is aging (IGF-1, an indirect measurement of human growth hormone).

The Anti-Aging Bundle, Level II (men and women) includes all of the tests of Level I but goes one step further by specifically monitoring for sexual dysfunction (sex hormone binding globulin).

The Anti-Aging Bundle, Level III (men and women) includes all of the preceding tests but goes even beyond Levels I and II by also monitoring the function of various organs, including the heart and circulation (homocysteine and C-reactive protein), kidneys (urinalysis), liver (AST, ALT, Bilirubin, ALP, Albumin and total protein), pancreas (glycohemoglobin), and sexual function (LH, FSH). Level III includes detailed testing for anemia (iron, B12, folic acid) and further assesses one’s risk for premature aging (human growth hormone, direct measurement).


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