An estimated 50 million Americans (1 in 5 people) suffer from some type of allergy. Many people suffer from allergies which have not been diagnosed. They may suffer for years from symptoms that have no satisfactory explanation, until they eventually discover that their symptoms were actually due to an allergy. For example, people may suffer from asthma-related symptoms that can be explained by exposure to certain agents (through Immunoglobulin E testing).

We take the guess-work out of allergy testing by offering several panels which test for the most common causes of allergies. We also test for some very rare causes so that you can confirm past exposure to just about anything. Allergies may stem from reactions to food (Food Allergy Profile, Wheat Allergy, Corn), grass or plants (Allergen and Mold Profile, Bahia Grass, Bermuda Grass, Annual Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Canary Grass, Meadow Fescue, Meadow Foxtail, Johnson Grass, Oat Grass, Orchard Grass, Red Top Grass, Common Reed, Perennial Rye, Rye Grass, Salt Grass, Smooth Brome, Sweet Vernal, Timothy Grass, Velvet Grass, Western Wheat Grass, Wild Oat Grass), animals and insects (Bee Allergy Profile, Parakeet Droppings, Canary Feathers, Carpenter Ants, Chicken Feathers), or materials that are part of our everyday lives (and Latex-Specific IgE).

If you are unsure about which tests to order, call and ask to speak to one of our allergy expects here at

IgE ()
Approximately 50% of individuals with allergic rhinitis or asthma will have elevated levels of IgE.1 However, a large number of individuals with allergy and elevated levels of IgE to specific aller…

Latex Allergy is caused by allergic reaction in some people due to the protein in rubber. Latex allergy can be mild or severe, but at the same time it may prove to be life-threatening and come without…


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