Autoimmune Diseases

The immune system, our body’s “gate keeper” normally protects us from infectious agents, foreign objects and malignancies. When the immune system mistakenly recognizes our own healthy cells as foreign invaders, the result is one of the many autoimmune disorders. Since the object of attack by the immune system may be blood elements, blood vessels themselves, or solid organs, the result can be devastating.

Fortunately, early detection of many of these autoimmune diseases can lead to prompt and successful medical intervention. We offer tests that detect abnormal antibodies, or healthy circulating antibodies which are present in abnormal quantities. Specific autoimmune blood tests, such as the quantitative IgA (Immunoglobulin A) test, can screen for deficiencies, which often result in autoimmune disease, or for excesses, which may result in certain malignancies. It is also possible to test for specific disorders, such as Scleroderma or Myasthenia Gravis (LEMS Test, Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Antibody).

Through early diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to greatly improve the quality of life in people who suffer from these autoimmune diseases.


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