Blood and Blood Disorders

Hematology and Blood Disorders

Our hematology panels allow you to detect blood-related abnormalities such as anemia, leukemia or clotting disorders.

Anemia may be due to an underlying chronic disease (such as diabetes or renal failure), or due to malnutrition (deficiency of iron, folic acid or Vitamin B12). Tests of the red cells can help you monitor for anemia by focusing on the size and shape of the cells (RDW, MCV, erythrocyte count, sickle cell test). Blood transfusions are frequently required in patients with severe anemia (as well as those undergoing elective or trauma surgery). Therefore it is important to know your blood type (see ABO Grouping with Rh-hr Genotype).

Some of our tests can help you detect health problems elsewhere in the body, such as in the bone marrow (erythropoietin), the pancreas (glycohemoglobin), the liver (albumin), or suggest the presence of a non-specific acute or chronic illness (Sedimentation Rate or ESR).

Tests of the white cells may demonstrate how well your body is equipped to fight infection. A mildly elevated white cell count could indicate infection, while an extremely high white count could indicate leukemia. The white count differential distinguishes different subtypes of white cells, including monocytes, neutrophils, basophils and eosinophils.

Clotting disorders may be explained by a platelet deficiency, or it may be due to hemophilia (which in turn is caused by blood Factor VIII deficiency or Von Willebrand’s Disease).

The Complete Blood Count (CBC) looks at all three blood cell types (red cells, white cells, platelets). The CBC is usually part of a complete wellness panel; by following it periodically you will have a better sense about your body’s general health.


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