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While our kidneys act as a primary filtration system for removal of toxins and metabolized byproducts, they also do a lot more than just eliminate waste. For example, they help balance the body’s chemistry, release vital hormones that help regulate blood pressure, and perform many other critical functions such as enabling the circulation of oxygen carried by red blood cells. Abnormal kidney function can be an early sign of many other diseases, and may help in their early detection and prevention.

We offer a number of useful tests that help you determine if your kidneys are functioning properly. For instance, the Kidney Function Panel measures important hormones, elements and factors which impact upon normal kidney function (Albumin, Blood Urea Nitrogen or BUN, BUN-to-creatinine ratio, calcium, total carbon dioxide, chloride, creatinine, glucose, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium).

Other tests focus more on the kidneys’ ability to concentrate the urine normally (Urine Osmolality and Blood Osmolality), or evaluate the risk of progressing to kidney failure, especially in hypertensive and diabetic patients (Urine Microalbumin-to Creatinine Ratio, Free and Total Carnitine).

Your primary care physician can help you decide which tests are appropriate for you.


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