Testing for Toxins

We offer testing for a large variety of toxic and hazardous substances. Whether it involves exposure in the home, the environment or the workplace, our blood panels will help isolate the substances which may casuing your health problems. Even if you are currently without symptoms, our accurate quantitative testing will help you determine if your exposure has been significant enough to seek medical attention.

The most common toxic materials found in the home are toxic mold, lead and mercury, and trichloroethane (found in certain glues and paints). Exposure to these materials can cause serious respiratory or neurological damage, especially in children. Some toxins, especially heavy metals, have become increasingly prevalent in the food and water we consume. If in doubt as to which of these metals you may have been exposed to, we recommend our Heavy Metal Profiles, which test for the most common agents (arsenic, lead, mercury in Profile I; chromium in Profile II). Our urine test for volatiles can detect the presence of alcohols commonly found in the home (ethanol, acetone, isopropanol, or methanol).

Environmental toxins may also include arsenic (present in paint, pesticides and weed killers), various insecticides (with exposure measured by the Cholinesterase Test), chlorinated solvents (again found in certain pesticides), DDT, and PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls).

We also offer tests for less common hazardous substances. More often, these are toxic chemicals found primarily in the workplace, especially in industry. They include acid anhydride, antimony, aromatic solvents (which include benzene, ethyl benzene, styrene, toluene, and xylene), cadmium, chromium, cobalt, dimethylacetamide, fluoride, isocyanates, ketone solvents (including Methyl n-Butyl Ketone), manganese, nickel, perchloroethylene, phenol, selenium, silver, thalium, and zinc. Knowledge of which materials you have worked with will be extremely helpful in narrowing down which tests to choose.


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