How It Works

Online Lab Testing - 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Online Lab Test Purchase

Place your order online by selecting the online lab test(s) that are right for you with our easy to use online Lab Test Directory. Choose from Diet, Nutrition, Confidential STD testing, cholesterol tests, blood testing, etc.

Step 2: VIP Services or Lab Locations close to your Home

We offer our patients the convenient option to have a phlebotomist come to your home or office to draw your blood. Or a nurse will locate one of our lab testing center closest to you and send you all the test paperwork necessary for the lab tests you requested. Rest assured that these are the very same labs that your doctor uses, major laboratories, or used by health insurance companies.

Step 3: Take the Test at Your Convenience

VIP service provides you the opportunity to have a phlebotomist come to you at your convenience. Or simply take your test paperwork to the lab of your choice. There is no appointment necessary, so you choose when it’s most convenient for you to get your lab testing done.

Step 4: Confidential Lab Test Results

There’s no need to wait up to two weeks for your laboratory test results. A licensed physician will review your results and determine the appropriate course of action, usually within three to five days of your blood test.

Order your online lab test - the time is now

Let us put you in control of your health & wellness today. Order blood work, urine tests, diet, nutrition, or Confidential STD testing today.

We Offer VIP Concierge Services

We offer VIP concierge service where a phlebotomist will visit your home or office to draw blood or collect the appropriate sample for your test. We are committed to providing you with the same quality urine and blood lab testing you would receive from a doctor or hospital. We will find the Patient Testing Center that’s most convenient for you.

The Key is Convenience

Chances are, the easier it is to get your urine or blood lab work, the more likely you are to have these tests done routinely. That’s why we locate the testing center closest to you, contracting with major CLIA clinical laboratories that are certified at both the federal and state level. In addition, any laboratory we recommend has been approved by the FDA, performing the same standard tests that are offered through a hospital or doctor’s office.

The Right lab, the Right test, the Right time

Let us put you in control of your health & wellness today. Place your order online: blood test, urine tests, diet, nutrition, and Confidential STD testing today. Simply order your urine or blood lab test online.


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Laboratory Tests for Early Detection

Many illnesses can develop slowly, without apparent symptoms. Ordering routine screening laboratory tests from can help you prevent these “silent killers” through early detection. With there is no need to wait for your doctor to order laboratory tests; we provide the paperwork for the tests you request within 24 hours, guaranteeing results within three to five days.


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